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ISBN 13: 9780415695527

Entrepreneurs exist in every country but the nature and level of entrepreneurial activity differs remarkably. Why is this?

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What shapes the level of entrepreneurial activity in each country? What defines entrepreneurial activity? As more and more teaching and research into entrepreneurship reflects its often international nature, the need for literature reflecting this grows. This concise new textbook provides an introduction to topics in entrepreneurship in a global context; focusing on how enterprise works across the world.

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Important topics such as financing, innovation and anti social enterprise are discussed in detail throughout the text and examples and case studies are used to illustrate the application of different theoretical and conceptual approaches to entrepreneurship and the role it plays in developed, emerging and transitional economies. Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective is suitable for both final year undergraduate and postgraduate courses in enterprise and is likely to appeal particularly to student groups with a strong international element.

This book draws on truly global research and examples. This makes learning about entrepreneurial processes even more exciting, while at the same time sensitizing us to the socially embedded nature of entrepreneurship.

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Illustrated with snappy case studies, if you are a student or a researcher interested in an up-to-date understanding of international entrepreneurship this is a book you should definitely consider. Setting the Scene 2. A World of Enterprise 3. Last updated on The course provides conceptes and skills to better understand the dynamics of business development by discussing contemporary and historical cases in connection to diverging theoretical approaches to entrepreneurship and innovation. The students acquire knowledge about entrepreneurship in changing historical and institutional contexts and in different types of business organizations.

They develop an understanding of how complex relations between individuals, organizations, and institutions, and inner-organizational relations and technology, influence entrepreneurial decision making and the process of innovation. They learn how internationally different institutional arrangements and cultures influence both entrepreneurship and innovation. The course deepens the understanding why and how entrepreneurial activity is important for economic development, and it provides insights about which type of economic activity can be regarded entrepreneurial.

On the practical level the students studying recent and historical cases of entrepreneurship and innovation in a global economy learn how entrepreneurs identify opportunities, how they overcome traditional markets and national borders, and how they create markets and business organizations in different national contexts.

Routledge Masters in Entrepreneurship - Routledge

The exam format of the course the self-chosen proejct, the need for finding relevant literature, and the combination of empirical and theoretical knowledge also prepares for the Bachelor project. This means, however, that project development is also demanding. This course is not an instruction in setting up new business ventures. In order to achieve Grade 12 the student must prove evidence of a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and theories used in the course demonstrate a high level of command of the concepts and theories used and of their theoretical and practical implications prove evidence of empirical knowledge regarding the cases and the institutional, social, and political environments be able to evaluate complex business cases with respect to the theories of entrepreneurship and innovation used in the course.

Group discussions before class reading and preparation requires appr. Concepts, Development, and Challenges:. The course will be taught in 8 weeks 15 x 2h. The course is based on case discussions; only some aspects of the course will be lectured.

1st Edition

This implies that students how are not prepared when they come to class are not able to participate in the discussion and will not benefit from the course. During one workshop week 47 the students will present a recent case of entrepreneurship and innovation participation in this workshop group presentation, critique, discussion is a requirement for participating in the exam. Empirically, it examines the nature of employment relations in the ethnic Chinese restaurant sector in the UK….

By Jay Mitra. The fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development are inextricably linked, with people, organisations, and the environment or their location, forming the main building blocks in an integrated model of value creation. This second edition of a key textbook draws on the diversity of…. By Michael Gordon.

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This book explains how. Michael Gordon, leading Social Entrepreneurship expert from the University of Michigan, spoke with more than one hundred social entrepreneurs—from six continents, young and…. Whilst there has been an increased interest in minorities and their contribution to society, the literature on minorities and under-represented communities is still weak.

This edited volume discusses entrepreneurship in the context of minorities and the role they play in society. The book looks at…. This book is about the role of knowledge spillovers and strategic entrepreneurship in the management context.

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It focuses on how knowledge spillovers and strategic entrepreneurship are crucial to the process of creative destruction and construction. The book aims to provide insights into and…. By Pia Popal. While the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activities of small firms have been analysed to some extent, their engagement in international networks relating to CSR is less understood.