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I knew what he meant when he was calling it 'faggy'. I wasn't teaching him a lesson in tolerance, I was teaching myself one, and he was just unlucky enough to be there for it. Carole : Finn knew how you felt about him, honey. He kind of liked it when you yelled at him. Burt : I should have hugged him more, you know? There was always I should have given him more hugs. You know, the last time I saw him, he was so bummed out about some test at school and I just, you know, told him to get back at it, you know, he's worth it.

It was the perfect time for a hug. But for whatever reason, I just I gave him a pat on the back. That's that. Now he's gone. Kurt : sees Carole putting Finn's letterman jacket in the Donate box No, don't donate that. I want it.

Seeing him come down the hallway wearing this Carole : I always thought that when I, uh How do parents go on when they lose a child? You know, when I would see that stuff on the news, I'd shut it off because it was just too horrible to think, but I would always think, 'How do they wake up every day? But you do wake up, and for just a second, you forget.

And then, oh, you remember. And it's like getting that call again and again, every time. You don't get to stop waking up. Santana : You have no right to take down that memorial. Sue : Well, as a matter of fact, I do, Sandbags. I've allowed that memorial to remain in the hallway for over a week. Santana : Oh, please. You wanted that memorial gone because you're such a cold-hearted bitch. Sue : What did you just call me? Santana : A miserable, self-centered bitch who has spent every waking minute of the past three years trying to make our lives miserable.

I'm officially over it. Sue : I don't care for your attitude.

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Santana : Well, I don't give a hot, wet monkey's ass what you care for. You are not my principal. See, I don't go here anymore, Sue. And that means I can finally tell you exactly what I think of you. I have hated you ever since the day I met you.

Physical Ability

Sue : If I were you, I would choose my next few words very carefully. Santana : What are you gonna do? You gonna expel me? Sue : You get the hell out of my office. Santana : How about you make me get the hell out of your office. Sue : Donna, call the police.

Santana : No, this is assault! I feel more than I know how to express. Puck : Hey, leave the jacket. Seriously, I'll pay you for it. I'm sure you have a room full of mementos.

The Quarterback’s Job in a Football Game

I've got nothing to remember him by. Kurt : Well, you can't have this. Puck : That jacket is reserved for people who've earned it. I'm not gonna let you bedazzle it with glitter and wear it like some Project Runway shawl. Kurt : What are you gonna do? Beat me up and take it from me? Throw me in the dumpster?

You can't have it. Shannon : You're drunk. Puck : You're beautiful. Shannon : You puke in my locker room, you're cleaning it up. Puck : Come on, what's the big deal? Shannon : I get needing something to get through the first few days, but it's been a month.

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You don't have to be scared to have feelings. Puck : That's crap! Of course I do! Shannon : Why? We're all having 'em! Puck : Not like mine! No one understands! Shannon : Understands what? Tell me! Puck : Yeah. That was his specialty. Eric Strauss spent 12 years as a newspaper copy editor, eventually serving as a deputy business editor at "The Star-Ledger" in New Jersey before transitioning into academic communications.

The Quarterback (Music from the TV Series) - Wikipedia

His byline has appeared in several newspapers and websites. Strauss holds a B. Skip to main content. Physical Ability A quarterback may not be the fastest athlete on a football team, but he needs to be in good playing shape, as he is on the field for every offensive play -- not substituted in and out like most other positions. Play Calling A quarterback must call the offensive plays from a playbook that can include hundreds of options, memorizing both terminology for the huddle and signals at the line of scrimmage.

Leadership Skills One of the most important traits a quarterback can have is not just a strong arm and quick mind, but a determined heart. Background A quarterback who wants to play professionally must advance from the high school ranks to college, at a minimum -- so a quarterback needs academic ability as well as athletic ability. About the Author Eric Strauss spent 12 years as a newspaper copy editor, eventually serving as a deputy business editor at "The Star-Ledger" in New Jersey before transitioning into academic communications.

Accessed 06 July Even when it basically sucks, Glee possesses the power to tap into intense emotion via song, and I think something like that could have worked here.

'The Marinovich Project'

I like the restraint you talked about earlier, but they make the very odd decision to turn Santana into surrogate Rachel, when Will is right there. Which brings me to your final question: Was this a celebration of life? Yes and no. Which is true, but that makes it seem like he passed away under even more salacious of circumstances. But I think the last third of the episode turns this around, even as it does so many other things I dislike. The songs are pretty good. And Rachel is a heartbreaker. Instead, it ends up frozen in amber.

What did you think of the various plots in the episode, Brandon? And are you as thrown as I am by the fact that Jane Lynch continues to be a cast member on this show? All that potential.

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  4. And the fact that Lynch is the first voice in the PSA and voiced similar disappointments in the Emmys tribute only strengthens that spine.