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"destined" in Arabic

Originally in English of the actions of deities, fate, etc. Of human choices or actions, from early 16c. Related: Destined.

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RELATED WORDS doomed , coming , intended , designed , appropriated , directed , sealed , stated , ordained , condemned , threatening , looming , near , predetermined , closed , menacing , settled , impending , meant , brewing. Nearby words desterilize , desterro , destin , destination , destine , destined , destiny , destitute , destitution , destock , destool.

To cause to have a certain outcome; preordain by fate or fortune: a foolish scheme destined to fail; a film destined to become a classic.

Urban Dictionary: Destined

To assign for a specific end, use, or purpose: money destined to pay for their child's education. To direct toward a given destination: a flight destined for Tokyo. Switch to new thesaurus. She was destined for success.

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Mentioned in? References in classic literature? At the two extremities of the port, in order that their fires should converge upon the great axis of the ellipsis formed by the basin, in the first place, two batteries had been raised, evidently destined to receive flank pieces, for D'Artagnan saw the workmen finishing the platform and making ready the demi-circumference in wood upon which the wheels of the pieces might turn to embrace every direction over the epaulement.


View in context. Recognition, as the name indicates, is a change from ignorance to knowledge, producing love or hate between the persons destined by the poet for good or bad fortune.

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