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More meanings of “in your dreams!”

  1. Translations of “dream about/of sth”
  2. dream come true meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms
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These are a few popular ones. A dream come true : a wish or hope that was realised. American dream : the idealistic notion that Americans are preoccupied with obtaining certain materialistic goals.

Example Sentences

Bad dream or nightmare : a terrible situation to go through. Broken dreams : wishes or desires that cannot be fulfilled. Chase a dream : to actively pursue something that you want to happen. Daydream : to have daytime fantasies about someone or something. Dream on!

Translations of “dream about/of sth”

In your dreams! For some, he was even the incarnation of the devil. In Europe, he usually had dark fur. When an ordinary wolf roamed around a village, its inhabitants were quickly informed.

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So we can easily imagine that, if a white wolf albino or with very light fur showed itself, the information circulated very quickly due to its rarity. Here are some examples of phrases with the expression Etre connu comme le loup blanc. So you take the wine out of a barrel, for example. And when the wine is in the glass, we drink it.

dream come true meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms

The History Sadly, the origins of this expression are unknown! Here are some examples of phrases with the expression Couper la poire en deux. Do not react to important information or provocations. The History Generally reserved for luxury art and interior decorations, marble statues are perfectly immobile, with a realistic and pale face, without emotion.

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But how among countless suggestions is a "cause" to know the difference between a true invention and a pipe-dream? The notion that the trombonist had given a signal he derided as an "Old Sleuth pipe-dream.

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I have been trying to believe that what he told me isn't altogether a pipe-dream , but it sounds mightily like one. Old English pipdream meant "piping.

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